All in a dogs day and week!

Weeks 1 and 2

I am not used to putting paw to keyboard so the following is assisted more ably by T for the story so far……

Whisky and I are not used to keeping a diary or needing to know the days of the week.  Time is governed by eating, sleeping and walks.

Both of us love Zygie, our travelling home. T has had us both up at the farm, where Z is kept, lots of times over the last month or so doing his “thing.  Z has now got new rearranged shelves and wardrobes, a router for the wifi has been fitted, well loads of little techie things that are far too much for me to get my brain cell around.  Anyway every time we went up there we both had a long walk so that was really what we wanted. Continue reading


Bottles, bottles and more bottles

Day 3/4

Juigne sur Loire

We left the comfort of the farm at about 10.30.  Our French neighbours who had arrived shortly after us the night before were up and away before us.  I walked The Boys down into the valley and up the other side before breakfast with a dampness in the air that could only mean we were in for a rainy day.

The route down from Vimoutiers took us past and through Argentan, Bagnoles, Mayenne and Laval.  The rain came and went but never did it dull our joy of French smooth tree lined long roads.  Passing through quiet little villages also made us think – where is everyone, so used are we to such a busy way of life.  Having said that we did circumnavigate the major towns en route!

N 47.40387 W 0.47739

Daniel Macault, Domaine des Deux Moulins

We are now ensconsed in a winery and this will be our second night here as we have all we want plus free electricty! and of course some great wine.

This morning, Thursday, happened to be one of their bottling days and I was able to give them a hand packing the wooden crates with full bottles.  They said it would be noisy and staring time was 0730.  Well I did not hear them at all and thought because of the rain it had been called off.  Not did i walk around the barn like building did i hear a faint hum and a huge wagaon doing its business.  This wagon had the whole wine bottling planet on board.  I joined in with the Dutch man (from South Africa) whom we had met the night before. We shared the packing duties for a couple of hours.  In all a pleasurable experience only previously seen on tv. and one which I will no doubt dine out on.


Today we took a leasurely pace to the day with a short venture into the new town to pick up some bread, cakes, a bottle of our favourite Cognac with Almonds and some maet for an evening BBQ betting on the wet morning turning into a glorious evening.  The Boys have been boys, sleeping mostly with W snoring and up and at anything that dared move past Zygie.

Tomorrow we are making our way east to see Terrence and Judith friends from EPS.

Ooops – what a way to start a holiday!

Monday 24 July 2017  M26  – Tuesday 25 July Vimoutiers France

Ok so I barked, once and loudly.  Well so would you if a few maps of France had fallen onto your nose.  I had been having a quiet doze next to my brother, Brandy, when it all kicked off.  The lolling motion of Zygie, the family motorhome, seemed to have stopped quickly followed by a loud bang from behind and the floor jumped upwards underneath me.  I saw T jump out with his phone in hand and putting on a bright yellow jacket thing.  K swore and then turned round to calm us both down.  Both, I should say just me.  My brother still dozing in shock with glazed eyes had not moved. Gosh I wish I knew what he was on cos it seems great but he keeps his supplier a secret!. Continue reading

Weekend Seaside Break

Friday 5th May :  Sunday 6th May

It is Thursday 4th May, my day off, and I have just picked up Zygie from Haynes Garage outside Salisbury at Lopcombe Corner. This garage does a lot of work on small commercial vehicles and motorhomes so I felt she had been left in good hands.   They have fitted new front running lights, rear side mounted lights, upgraded the reversing lights and beefed up the pathetically weak horn. Pleased with what I saw I drove Zygie back to the farm to prepare for our trip away.

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Oh deer, deer, deer!

New Forest – Friday 17th March : Sunday 19th March

Last Christmas we were given a camping site voucher from my daughter.  This was for use at one  of the New Forest camp sites. and with improving weather on the horizon we chose this w/e to try it out. Now I have crossed the New Forest many, many times in a car (most recently for Fords), tramped over parts of it with schools teams on their DoE but never actually camped there. This then was going to be something new for us both.

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Up North !



Up North – Monday 20th Feb : Friday 24th Feb


Over the Christmas period I had discussed with Kaz my thoughts of visiting my family Up North (sister and cousins).  Wanting to do this early in the year the end of February seemed a good time with the weather getting better, hopefully!

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There is always something else!

Vinyl day  – Salisbury 15th December 2016

I had planned to call into Signs in Motion on Tuesday but the weather was not too kind. So today (Thursday), was the next available likely looking one, according to BBC Weather for Salisbury!

As it proved correct I drove up to the farm to collect Zygie with The Boys.  Of course they had to have a quick morning runaround and Brandy actually got stuck into digging (of a sort) for the first time that I have ever seen.  Well actually he stuffed his nose into a hole and sniffed, snorted and growled a lot.  Whisky was totally unimpressed and plodded on along the track alone. Continue reading

Firework free w/e barked by Whisky

Us Boys and NO fireworks!

T, “The Boss”, was home early so Brandy and I guessed something was afoot (or apaw).  Usually this means he is off to the pub with his mate (Al) next door but not this time!  We had seen K pack some getaway bags in the morning but they had not moved from the bedroom floor  Well what was all that about.  T was like a whirlwind.  I watched him put some clothes into the same bag and take it down stairs.  He packed his “Man Bag” with his laptop and iPad and other bits and bobs.  He went off outside with all this then came back sat down and had a coffee, were we going somewhere or not?  B is more laid back at these moments and was just flaked out on the sofa, not bothered.

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Bangs by Brandy


, ,

We hate Fire Works!

Yesterday afternoon we went for a walk and run around the woods in Wilton about 5 miles away.  T had finished early from the garage and off we went in Vicky.  He often talks to us on these walks and it was then we heard that we were all going off in  Zygie  this weekend to get away from the bangs!  Whisky and I don’t like fireworks and there are a lot going off at this time of the year.   Continue reading