Day 3/4

Juigne sur Loire

We left the comfort of the farm at about 10.30.  Our French neighbours who had arrived shortly after us the night before were up and away before us.  I walked The Boys down into the valley and up the other side before breakfast with a dampness in the air that could only mean we were in for a rainy day.

The route down from Vimoutiers took us past and through Argentan, Bagnoles, Mayenne and Laval.  The rain came and went but never did it dull our joy of French smooth tree lined long roads.  Passing through quiet little villages also made us think – where is everyone, so used are we to such a busy way of life.  Having said that we did circumnavigate the major towns en route!

N 47.40387 W 0.47739

Daniel Macault, Domaine des Deux Moulins

We are now ensconsed in a winery and this will be our second night here as we have all we want plus free electricty! and of course some great wine.

This morning, Thursday, happened to be one of their bottling days and I was able to give them a hand packing the wooden crates with full bottles.  They said it would be noisy and staring time was 0730.  Well I did not hear them at all and thought because of the rain it had been called off.  Not did i walk around the barn like building did i hear a faint hum and a huge wagaon doing its business.  This wagon had the whole wine bottling planet on board.  I joined in with the Dutch man (from South Africa) whom we had met the night before. We shared the packing duties for a couple of hours.  In all a pleasurable experience only previously seen on tv. and one which I will no doubt dine out on.


Today we took a leasurely pace to the day with a short venture into the new town to pick up some bread, cakes, a bottle of our favourite Cognac with Almonds and some maet for an evening BBQ betting on the wet morning turning into a glorious evening.  The Boys have been boys, sleeping mostly with W snoring and up and at anything that dared move past Zygie.

Tomorrow we are making our way east to see Terrence and Judith friends from EPS.